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You Took a Stand Against Corn Rootworm

This season, corn rootworm posed a serious threat to farmers across the country. That's why we encouraged farmers to scout their fields for this pest. And that's why we gave away prizes to farmers like you who shared their scouting stories throughout the season. Thanks to everyone who joined The Watch against corn rootworm.

Celebrating Our Winners

Our weekly winners' posts encouraged other farmers to join The Watch and keep an eye out for CRW.

Week 1 winner photo

Night Vision Monocular

Week 2 winner photo

Smartwatch with Built-In GPS

Week 3 winner photo

Outdoor Security Camera

Week 4 winner photo

Trail Camera


The Threat of Corn Rootworm

Corn rootworm can cost U.S. farmers an estimated $1 billion every season. For most corn farmers, it's by far the worst insect pest they face. While this pest does most of its damage underground as larvae, farmers can predict pressure and prepare before that even happens with sticky traps strategically placed in a field.

It All Starts With Scouting

Next season, remember that yellow traps are your eyes on the ground. They're an easy way to estimate future corn rootworm populations in your fields. This kind of valuable information will help you make your trait decision and protect your fields. Here's how to use your sticky trap:

Trap Instructions

Fold sticky trap


Place sticky trap on stalk


Suggested whole field trapping scheme

Watch an Instructional Video