Genuity VT Triple PRO Corn
Control Pests

VT Triple PRO® Corn​

VT Triple PRO® offers two modes of action for controlling above-ground insects plus an additional mode of action for below-ground insect protection.

Features & Benefits

High Yield Protection Against Above- and Below-Ground Insects 

High Yield Protection Against Above- and Below-Ground Insects

Dual modes of action protect against corn earworm and other above-ground, ear-feeding insects, like European and Southern corn borers and fall armyworm. An additional single mode of action provides protection from below-ground insects like corn rootworm.

Opportunity for Improved Grain Quality 

Opportunity for Improved Grain Quality

Advanced protection against corn rootworm adults and other pests helps provide improved grain quality and, ultimately, higher yield potential.

20% Refuge 

20% Refuge – Lowest in the Cotton-Growing Area

VT Triple PRO allows farmers in the Cotton-Growing Area to reduce their refuge acres from 50% to 20%. This can significantly increase whole-farm yield potential.

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