SmartStax® Pro with RNAi Technology

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SmartStax® PRO with RNAi Technology

SmartStax® PRO with RNAi Technology is the next generation of protection against an ongoing threat: corn rootworm. Built on the strong foundation of SmartStax® Technology, SmartStax PRO Technology introduces a third mode of action that offers improved corn rootworm control over a range of pressures for the strongest biotech defense* now available.


1 Features & Benefits

Three modes of action with an industry-first RNAi mode of action 
An Industry First for Corn Built on the Proven Benefits of SmartStax® Technology

SmartStax® PRO Technology combines the proven benefits of SmartStax® Technology with an additional, unique RNAi-based mode of action — becoming the first product with three modes of action for corn rootworm control.

Protects Against Above- and Below-Ground Pests

In addition to corn rootworm, SmartStax® PRO Technology will also provide protection against above-ground pests including European corn borer, southwestern corn borer, fall armyworm, black cutworm and corn earworm.

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SmartStax® PRO Technology protects against above- and below-ground pests 
RNAi Technology can increase your corn's ability to defend itself against the billion-dollar bug. 
The Advantage of RNAi Technology

Bayer is the first to develop RNAi technology to combat corn rootworm, which offers a new and unique third mode of action against the pest. By interfering with a corn rootworm’s ability to create a specific protein critical to its own survival, RNAi technology effectively causes mortality after ingestion.

Because RNAi technology works differently than a soil-applied insecticide or Bt-traits to control corn rootworm, it can increase your corn’s ability to defend itself against the billion-dollar bug.

2 How It Works

RNAi-based Mode of Action | Targeting Corn Rootworm 
Targeting Corn Rootworm

SmartStax PRO Technology contains the two proven Bt traits found in SmartStax Technology to target corn rootworm. In addition, the introduction of RNAi Technology adds an entirely new mode of action against this insect. RNAi works by interfering in a naturally occurring process within the corn rootworm to stop the production of a specific protein vital to their life cycle. Together, these three modes of action form a powerful combination against this top threat to corn.

3 Performance & Future Use

Three times greater root node protection from corn rootworm versus Qrome Products. 2021 and 2022 Seasons** Three times greater root node protection from corn rootworm versus Qrome Products. 2021 and 2022 Seasons**  

A Defense Unlike Any Other

Today, SmartStax Technology is the most effective biotech defense against corn rootworm on the market. But as we continue to track the early signs of a growing corn rootworm threat, SmartStax PRO Technology offers the strongest biotech defense** against corn rootworm pressure while still providing protection against above-ground pests and tolerance to glyphosate and glufosinate herbicide applications.

SmartStax PRO Technology offers the strongest biotech defense** against corn rootworm pressure 

Looking to the Future

In preparation for the commercial launch of SmartStax PRO Technology, on-farm trials were conducted in 2021. Limited volumes of SmartStax PRO Technology products were available to farmers in 2022. During 2023 and beyond, volumes will ramp up to give farmers in areas dealing with the risk of corn rootworm the highest level of protection. Ask your dealer about SmartStax PRO Technology and its availability in your area.



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