Trecepta® Technology

Trecepta® Technology helps reduce yield loss by protecting your corn crop from a wide range of above-ground pests. Built on the proven VT Double PRO® Technology, Trecepta Technology gives you more complete control against corn borers (European and southwestern), fall armyworm, western bean cutworm, black cutworm and corn earworm.

1 How It Works

3 Modes of Action to Protect Against Above-Ground Pests

By controlling insects through multiple modes of action, Trecepta® Technology helps protect your yield potential and reduce the likelihood of resistance issues developing.

  • Corn Earworm
  • European Corn Borer
  • Southwestern Corn Borer
  • Fall Armyworm
  • Western Bean Cutworm
  • Black Cutworm
Corn Earworm1

3 modes of action from proteins Cry1A.105, Cry2Ab2 and Vip3Aa20

3 unique MOA to manage corn earworm pressure

Trecepta is the first technology to target corn earworm with 3 modes of built-in action to further reduce yield loss caused by insect pressure.


Protein: Cry1A.105


Midgut Control Point

Both Cry proteins affect
the same general area.

Protein: Cry2Ab2


Protein: VIP3Aa20

Unique Midgut Control Point

By controlling pests through different
modes of action in different binding sites,
Trecepta reduces a​ny possibility of future
resistance issues.
Control weeds with glyphosate applications

Trecepta contains Roundup Ready 2 Technology which allows the corn plant to withstand glyphosate treatments used to prevent weeds from competing with corn. By reducing weeds, plants have better access to crucial nutrients and water.

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