For high yield potential, get the above-ground insect control that VT Double PRO® RIB Complete® corn blend can deliver, in a simple, convenient refuge-in-a-bag solution.

1 Features & Benefits

Controls The Most Above-ground Insects. 
Controls Above-ground Insects.

VT Double PRO® RIB Complete® corn blend contains dual modes of action for maximum protection against above-ground pests, like European and Southwestern corn borers and fall armyworm.

See how VT Double PRO® technology stacks up against other above-ground traits.

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No Separate, Structured Refuge Required. 
No Separate, Structured Refuge Required.

VT Double PRO® RIB Complete® is a mix of 95% traited and 5% refuge seed. With refuge-in-a-bag, there's no need to calculate or plant separate, structured refuge in the Corn-Growing Area. Just pour it in your planter and go.

2 Performance

70% Fewer Kernels Damaged Versus A Leading Competitor  

3 How It Works

Corn Earworm - Two Modes of Protection


2 modes of action

Powerful Above-ground Protection

Two unique modes of action for maximum protection against above-ground pests, like European corn borer, southwestern corn borer and fall armyworm.

  • European Corn Borer
  • Fall Armyworm
  • Southwestern Corn Borer
  • Corn Earworm

Corn Earworm

2 modes of action from proteins Cry1A.105 and Cry2Ab2

Effective Weed Reduction

An additional site of action helps plants withstand glyphosate to prevent weeds from competing with corn by robbing plants of crucial nutrients and water.

Herbicide Tolerance

Glyphosate Tolerance

Targeting the Enemy

Two proteins effectively bind to the midgut when ingested by pests to eliminate the problem. Thanks to unique modes of action, resistance probability is minimized.

Corn Earworm

Mode of Action 1

Cry1A.105 Protein

Mode of Action 2

Cry2Ab2 Protein