VT Double Pro Technology

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Above-Ground Pests

With two effective modes of action, VT Double PRO® corn delivers a broad spectrum of protection against above-ground pests, including European corn borer, southwestern corn borer, fall armyworm and corn earworm.

How This Technology Can Help Stop Threats

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Above-Ground Pests

Modes of Action

Photo of Southwestern Corn Borer 
Southwestern Corn Borer

More difficult to control than European corn borer, the southwestern corn borer causes damage that can result in stalk breakage and lodging well below the ear, thereby potentially impacting harvestable yield.

Photo of Fall Armyworm 
Fall Armyworm

Fall armyworm can cause serious damage to the corn leaf in nearly all stages of development.

Photo of European Corn Borer 
European Corn Borer

European corn borers first feed on corn leaves and later in the season tunnel into stalks, resulting in yield reductions caused by damaged stalks being unable to effectively transport nutrients and stalk lodging.

Photo of Corn Earworm 
Corn Earworm1,2

Corn earworm can affect corn crops broadly across the U.S., but it is most persistent in the areas where it successfully overwinters. It often attacks corn ears, feeding on the silks and kernels, potentially threatening both grain yield and quality.*

Mode of Action 1: Cry1A.105 Protein. Mode of Action 2: Cry2Ab2 Protein 

Help Control Pests With Two Modes of Action

When ingested, two proteins effectively bind to the pest's midgut. Two unique modes of action disable pests and can protect your yield potential.


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Yield Loss Protection From the Seed


Performance starts at the seed.

VT Double PRO® corn is built with two effective modes of action to manage costly above-ground pests like European corn borer and fall armyworm.


Above-ground pests cost farmers millions of dollars a year in management costs and lower yields.*

But with advanced in-plant protection from insect control traits, farmers can help protect their profit and yield potential.


Additional Benefits

When combined with other technologies, VT Double PRO® technology can extend beyond above-ground pest protection. See the added benefits that VT Double PRO technology brings to weed management and field conditions.


DroughtGard® Hybrids

With DroughtGard® Hybrids products, you can help protect your corn from unpredictable drought stress.


Weed Reduction

With Roundup Ready® 2 technology, corn plants can withstand applications of glyphosate herbicide, enabling flexible, broad-spectrum weed control to prevent weeds from robbing yield potential from your corn fields.



With Refuge-in-a-Bag, there’s no need to calculate or plant separate structured refuge in the corn-growing area. Just pour it in your planter and go. When planting in the cotton-growing area, farmers are required to plant 20% structured non-Bt refuge to help stave off insect resistance development.


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Track crop-damaging insects with Insect Forecast and you can keep your fields prepared for coming threats.

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Maximum Protection for Peace of Mind

With seven modes of action, SmartStax® technology helps you feel confident that your crops are protected from top to bottom all season long.

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