Bollgard II Cotton
Greater Yield Potential

Bollgard II® Cotton​

Bollgard II® Cotton reduces the need to spray for the most damaging worm species, offering proven boll damage potential.

Features & Benefits

Two Unique Modes of Action 

Two Unique Modes of Action

The advanced dual-gene system of Bollgard II cotton allows you to provide a wider spectrum of worm control with even fewer sprays, resulting in greater yield protection. Lessening the number of sprays can enhance beneficial insect populations and reduce infestations of harmful pests like aphids and mites.

Highest Level of Proven Boll Damage Reduction 

High Level of Proven Boll Damage Reduction

Bollgard II cotton uses advanced technology to provide enhanced protection from Lepidopterous pests. This technology prevents most leaf- and boll-feeding worm species from damaging bolls, which can impact yield.

In fact, trials show that under heavy bollworm pressure, Bollgard II cotton experiences only 4% damaged bolls, while non-B.t. cotton experiences 60% damaged bolls.

Greater Protection of First-Position Bolls 

Great Protection of First-Position Bolls

First-position bolls are the greatest contributor to overall yield potential. Protecting just one additional boll per plant can result in significantly higher lint yields.

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