New Breakthroughs in Bayer Trait Technology​​​

Bayer trait technology is the foundation of defense against unpredictable pressure. From inside the seed, this technology helps to protect a farmer's investment and yield potential for the entire season.

Bayer is relentlessly pursuing the next innovations in trait science. See what new technologies we have in our product pipeline to give you the best opportunity to get results.

Current Products in Development

From exploring thousands of genes to testing finished products, see what Bayer is currently developing to solve the challenges you face.

SmartStax® PRO With RNAi Technology

Crop: Corn

SmartStax® PRO with RNAi Technology is the next generation of corn rootworm protection. With the combined benefits of currently available Bt-traited insect control technologies and a unique RNAi-based mode of action, it will provide three modes of action against corn rootworm for the strongest biotech defense* available in 2022.

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Bollgard® 3 ThryvOn™ Cotton with XtendFlex® Technology

Crop: Cotton

Bollgard® 3 ThryvOn™ cotton with XtendFlex® Technology is poised to be the industry's first cotton biotech trait to provide protection against tarnished plant bug and thrips species** and may help reduce the need for some insecticide applications.

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Phase: Pre-Launch

Smart Corn System: Powered By Short Stature Corn Hybrids 

Smart Corn System

Crop: Corn

The Smart Corn System from Bayer will introduce short stature corn hybrids through breeding innovations. This will mark a transformation in how corn is produced and will help farmers with three key benefits:

  • Protection from crop yield loss due to increased lodging and greensnap tolerance in high winds and challenging weather conditions.
  • Access all season long for more timely, precise application of crop protection and other inputs with standard ground equipment.
  • Yield potential through increased opportunity to optimize crop inputs, planting densities and field placement.
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Phase: Pre-Launch

The 5 Steps in Trait Development

Bt trait development doesn't happen overnight. Just like it takes a seed time to fully grow, our traits go through several stages of thorough testing before they’re ready for the fields.



Discovery begins by identifying challenges our farmers face and potential solutions to those problems.


Proof of Concept

After finding a trait that satisfies our farmers' needs, we begin searching the genetic makeup of the biological source responsible for expressing that trait to transfer into seed embryos.


Early Development

Once transgenic plants with the desired gene are successfully grown, they are brought into observation and undergo extensive quality assurance testing. Only the most successful candidates move forward to our greenhouses for continued research.


Advanced Development

Next, these plants are brought to our test fields and research centers for years of trials to assess their performance, generate environmental safety data and more.



About only one gene out of tens of thousands make it to our final step: On-farm trials. Field trial participants are able to test the latest trait technology in return for giving us honest feedback of how the traits perform under commercial-scale planting conditions.

Learn more about these steps and products currently in these stages.

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