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The Role of Hydroefficiency Within the Systems Approach

DroughtGard® Hybrids use water efficiently in drought conditions to help manage risk.

This is how it works.

Step One 

Best Agronomic Practices

In order to enhance water capture and storage in the soil, start by using the best agronomic practices (like reduced-tillage methods).

Step Two 


When drought stress occurs, the drought-tolerant biotech trait helps the corn plant adapt and use the water stored in the soil more efficiently.

Step Three 

Alleviated Drought Stress

Because of hydroefficiency, water is available in the soil for the plant to use over a longer period of time which can result in the production of more kernels per ear and more viable ears per acre under drought stress.


The Final Result

Hydroefficiency helps the corn plant withstand drought conditions and can help you manage risk of yield loss when drought stress occurs.

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