Genuity Roundup Ready Alfalfa
Unsurpassed Weed Control and Yield Benefits

Roundup Ready® Alfalfa​​

The Roundup Ready® Alfalfa system provides the opportunity to deliver unsurpassed weed control with superior crop safety, allowing you to grow more, higher-quality alfalfa.

Features & Benefits

Better Stand During Establishment Means Better Stand Persistence 

Better Stand During Establishment Means Better Stand Persistence

Roundup Ready Alfalfa offers significant establishment advantage in both yield potential and quality. This is a result of improved weed control and crop safety through Bayer PLUS Rewards.

Broadest Application Flexibility 

Broadest Application Flexibility

With the broadest application timing window plus excellent crop safety, Roundup Ready Alfalfa requires minimal waiting — only 5 days before grazing or harvest.

Broadest Application Flexibility 

Increased, High-Quality Yield Opportunity

Roundup Ready Alfalfa can deliver a higher percentage of pure alfalfa in hay and haylage than competitors, along with improved quality. Roundup Ready Alfalfa has low ADF (acid detergent fiber), low NDF (neutral detergent fiber) and high RFV (relative feed value).

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